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Best Electronic Cigarette Brands for 2019

If you want to quit smoking, one of the best ways is to try electronic cigarettes. Also known as e-cigarettes, they change the way that you intake nicotine so that there’s no need to inhale all those harmful toxins and carcinogens that you find in regular tobacco cigarettes. Here we bring you reviews of some of the best e-cigarette brands on the market so that you can make an informed choice and make the switch from smoking tobacco to vaping e-cigarettes.
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Best E-Cigarette Reviews For 2019

v2 Cigs
Best E-Cig Brands and Reviews for 2017V2 are one of the best e-cig brands on the market at the moment, rating very highly for performance, power and battery life. Not only that, but V2 are also one of the most affordable options available, so whether you are searching for a starter kit or something a little more advanced, V2 have a suitable product for you. Their e-cigarettes are known for being reliable and their impressive performance puts them ahead of their competition, making it clear why they have such a loyal and large following. As one of the best e-cigarette brands, they also offer a large selection of e-liquids to choose from in a range of great flavors. For more information, please read our v2 e-cigarette review.
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vaporfi Another one of the best e-cig brands, VaporFi have a range of e-cigarettes to suit all kinds of vapers. Their starter kits are durable and well-designed offering excellent quality to both advanced vapers and beginners alike. VaporFi’s e-cigarettes are not only great value for money, but they also offer excellent power and long battery life as well as good portability. Their tank-style, easily refillable e-cigarettes all bring high quality vapor production and taste and as VaporFi produce more than 30,000 options for customizable e-liquid blends, there is always a flavor to suit. Check out our VaporFi e-cig review to find out more!
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Mig Vapor
mig vaporIt is easy to see why Mig Vapor is one of the most rapidly growing e-cigarette brands. Offering powerful batteries together with impressive and durable tanks, their products are impressive and long lasting. Guaranteeing consistent 4.2 voltage with each of their kits, they are always improving and upgrading their products, ensuring the ultimate in power, ease of use and durability. If you want to read more, check out our Mig Vapor electronic cigarette review.
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Halo Cigs
halo e-cigsAlthough they only have two models available for purchase, Halo Cigs are still one of the best e-cigarette brands today. Their G6 starter kit is perfect for those who are new to e-cigs while their Triton Tank System Kit is ideal for more advanced vapers. Their hardware is both technologically advanced and competitively priced, while their battery life, power, usability and durability are also excellent. Stylishly designed, the Halo Cigs kits are also incredibly portable, and the brand is well known for their tasty flavors of e-juice, all made in the USA. Read full Halo Cigs review here.
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South Beach Smoke
south beach smokeOne of the longest established e-cigarette brands, South Beach Smoke has an excellent reputation and is known to be one of the best e-cig type for new vapers. Popular with celebrities, the South Beach Smoke is a solid and reliable choice for beginners, offering products that combine power, resilience and durability with affordability. Blending high quality with practicality, South Beach Smoke enjoys a strong corner of the market. Read full SBS E-cig review to find out more.
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Best E-Cigarette Kits by Type
Although all of our featured e-cigarette kits are innovative and impressive, different vapers have different requirements and preferences. For example, an experienced vaper will be looking for features and versatility that may be too much for a novice to handle, while a beginner may be looking for an e-cig that is just too simple for a heavy smoker. Here you can find information about the different types of e-cigarette kits available so that you can choose the best e-cig to match your preferences.
Best E-Cig For Heavy Smokers
VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit
vaporfi rocketOne of the best e-cigarette options for heavy smokers, the VaporFi Rocket starter kit combines innovative technology with advanced power levels to result in an e-cig that is sure to satisfy even the pickest of vapers. Its stylish design includes variable voltage and an airflow tank together with a high wattage 1600 mAh battery that can deliver ultimate power. Its advanced atomizer offers 1.8 ohm making it perfectly suited to experienced vapers who demand more from their starter kit.
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Best Kit For Beginners

Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit
mig fusion 21 kitIdeal for beginners who want a simple, hassle-free vaping experience while enjoying well-designed style, the Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit is the perfect choice. Featuring an elegant design, it comes equipped with 2 380 mAh 4.2 volt batteries together with its own attractive carry case. You can select from different options to create a customized kit suited to your preferences of flavor, nicotine level, look and feel. This kit even comes with 30 mls of free e-liquid in any flavor you choose from their enormous selection and it is even supplied with its own wall charger, and not just the standard USB cable. As well as boasting excellent performance and a well-thought-out design, the Mig 21 Clear Fusion Kit is incredibly simple to use. Just charge and fill with your choice of e-juice and you’re ready to go.
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Best E-Cig Kit For Ladies

V2 Standard Kit EX Series
v2 cigs ex series standardFemininity is important to ladies, so design is especially important when it comes to finding the best e-cigarette kit for women. The V2 Standard Kit EX series brings style and advanced technology together in an innovative and dynamic design that is streamlined and futuristic. Modern and appealing, the slimline battery comes in a selection of gorgeous and feminine styles and patterns to complement any wardrobe, and you can choose any two to customize your kit to your tastes. The starter kit also comes equipped with 5 flavor cartridges, a USB charger cable and a wall adapter.
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Best Cig-A-Like Starter Kit

V2 Standard Kit
v2 standard kitThis versatile starter kit is the best e-cig choice for the majority of vaping enthusiasts. This Cig-A-Like kit comes with a whole host of customizable options which makes this the ideal selection for those who have not yet chosen their perfect combination of strengths and flavors. Coming with all of V2’s most popular accessories, the Standard¬†kit allows the user to select their battery design, up to 5 strengths and flavors, 10¬†different flavored cartridges and nicotine strengths varying from 0% right up to 2.4%. V2 even offer customers detailed advice as to how to choose the correct strength and flavor for them, making this well-designed and high performing kit an excellent option.
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Best Ego Style E-Cig For Beginners

VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit
vaporfi pro

If you are new to e-cigarettes, you will be looking for simplicity and ease of use, while at the same time enjoying a smooth vaping experience. The VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit with 510 and Ego Style Threading is the perfect choice for newbies and is designed to give top level performance without any extra hassle. Equipped with a 650 mAh 3.7 voltage battery, the VaporFi Pro II also has a 1.5 ohm Pro-L II tank for a great price that offers excellent value for money when the performance and stylish design are taken into account. While not quite as powerful as some other kits, the VaporFi Pro II is really simple to use and is a good size, being only slightly longer than a BIC lighter. It is incredibly easy to refill and to change the coils and for those who require extra support, there is an easy to read manual supplied. Although it does have a slightly shorter battery life than some other models, it does offer an excellent experience, especially for novices. While it comes equipped with a small 1.5 ml tank, it is possibly to upgrade to the 3 ml tank for an additional cost.
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Best Vape Pen Kit

V2 Pro Series 3
v2 series 3 vape penFor those who are looking for a vape pen that is able to handle anything from dry herbs and e-liquids to oils and waxes, the V2 Pro Series 3 is an ideal choice. Its innovative magnetic coupling design allows for rapid and easy attachment to the accessories that allow you to effortlessly enjoy vaping all kinds of materials. With its sophisticated and stylish design, the V2 Pro Series is also small enough to be portable and discreet, while being available in a selection of colors. Simple to use with a single button operation, it can even be used while charging and it produces impressive amounts of vapor. Although it does not have the longest battery life, it accurately mimics the tight draw of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette, which makes this a good choice for beginners too.
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Best Disposable E-Cigarette

V2 Disposable E-Cigarettes
v2 disposableBeautifully packaged, these disposable e-cigarettes from popular brand V2 are a great choice for those who are looking for a single use option to try. Rated for 400 puffs, light smokers will be able to enjoy almost double that amount from the V2 disposables. These e-cigs offer two great flavors, either menthol or red tobacco, a pretty impressive vapor production and a well-operating battery. With a fixed nicotine concentration of 1.8%, these disposables come in a pack of 5 and are one of the best ways of trying out electronic cigarettes to see if you like the experience before investing in a more expensive starter kit.
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Best Box Mod Kit

Joyetech eVic VTC Mini
joyetech evic vtc miniSuitably impressive, the Joyetech eVic VTC Mini is really compact, ideal for carrying from place to place. Offering temperature control technology, it brings 60 watts of power and can fire coils to a super-low 0.05 ohm. The 18650-30A battery can be easily changed for another fully charged cell, ensuring no down time and the crystal clear OLED display is a stylish feature. The Joyetech eVic VTC Mini comes in three attractive colors, black, white and cyan, and as it has adjustable temperature controls, you can even extend your battery life. There are two coil heads supplied, a titanium one and a nickel one, and it also comes with a large 4 ml tank with adjustable airflow to suit your needs. It is also compatible with new firmware upgrades, improving its longevity considerably, and with its impressive look and feel, it is an excellent choice.
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Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Gaining Popularity?

Health Benefits
In these modern times, there can be nobody left who is not aware of how badsmoking tobacco is for their health. Smoking standard tobacco cigarettes can potentially cause serious medical problems including many types of cancer, from cancers of the mouth and throat to lung cancer. Tobacco cigarette smokers are also at much higher risk of suffering from a stroke or a heart attack, and there are several other severe conditions which can threaten the lives of tobacco smokers. E-cigarette vapor, on the other hand, do not contain any of the toxins that are found in tobacco cigarette smoke. Although they do still have a nicotine content, research has proved that its effect is close to the effect of caffeine on the human body. It is not so much nicotine but the other toxins that are inhaled while you are smoking tobacco cigarettes that are harmful – chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia as well as tar and other harmful substances. None of these are found in e-cigarettes.
Save money
When compared to purchasing traditional tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes actually represent a significant saving in costs. Standard cigarettes have increased in price over the last few years and there has also be a substantial increase in tax on these products. Today, a typical pack of tobacco cigarettes can cost anything between $6 and $8 and some states, such as New York, are pricing their tobacco products even higher, with prices coming in at around $14 per pack. If you pay an average of $7 every time you buy a pack of cigarettes, you will spend more than $200 every month just by smoking one pack a day. If you switch to e-cigarettes, there are some outgoings, but they soon add up to savings. You will need to buy a vaporizer as well as an atomizer which is the tank to hold e-juice or e-liquid, however it is perfectly possible to purchase a starter kit for just $30 to $50. Once you have made this initial investment, you will just have to stock up on e-liquid which comes in at around $10 to $15 per bottle. Each bottle provides the same around of vapor as the equivalent of 10 packets of tobacco cigarettes. If you typically smoke one pack per day, switching to e-cigs can save you as much as $150 every month.
Don’t affect others
Recently, it has become more and more difficult to be a tobacco smoker. Smoking cigarettes has been banned in increasing numbers of public places and it has certainly become considerably less desirable. Not being able to smoke in bars and restaurants means that tobacco smokers now have to leave the premises in order to light up – not ideal in a social situation. At the present time, however, e-cigarettes are not subject to this type of regulation in most states so you are permitted to vape in lots of places where you would be forbidden from smoking a standard cigarette. An added advantage is that e-cigarettes do not produce an unpleasant odor which clings to clothing, furnishings and hair in the same way that traditional tobacco cigarettes do.
Most Common Types Of E-Cigarettes
Mini E-Cigarettes
cig-a-likes For those who are new to vaping, mini e-cigarettes are very similar in experience to smoking a standard tobacco cigarette. With a similar shape, these e-cigs are both lightweight and small, thus providing a quick fix solution for anyone who is trying to stop smoking. Sometimes referred to as “cig-a-likes” these mini e-cigs can be purchased in both rechargeable and disposable varieties. As they are small in size, the rechargeable versions of these mini e-cigarettes have a relatively short battery life, so they will probably need to be charged every day. However, they are the cheapest type of e-cigarette and so represent one of the most popular ways to move from smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes into smoking electronic versions.
Mid-Sized E-Cigarettes
ego e-cigarettesThe most popular type of e-cigarette that is purchased today, the mid-size e-cig is still pretty small, being similar in size to a cigar. One of their advantages is that they produce a stronger production of vapor which better suits the tastes of most former smokers. Although they differ somewhat from a traditional smoking experience and therefore are not as good for those who are just transitioning from tobacco cigarettes as mini e-cigs, they do have the benefit of offering users an increased number of options like adjustable output for their vaping.
Customizable E-Cigarettes (mods)
e-cig modsWhereas e-cigarettes which come in most starter kits cannot usually be customized as they come with a built-in battery, fixed voltage and a disposable atomizer and clearomizer with a resistance that is preset to either normal, low or high, it is possible to get hold of more customizable e-cig options. Eventually, once vapers become experienced with e-cigarettes, they usually choose to upgrade to a vaping experience that is more customized to their preferences. It is possible to customize each and every aspect of an e-cigarette – users are able to make their own e-juice, rebuild coils in tanks and atomizers and to buy a selection of modifications (or mods) for their e-cigarettes. By customizing these options, they can improve and enhance their experience of vaping. However, for those who are new to e-cigarettes, it is generally advised that they start out by buying a standard starter kit in order to avoid unnecessary initial complications.
Variable vs Mechanical mods
Those looking for a more advanced e-cigarette (or mod) have two different varieties to think about: variable and mechanical. A mech mod, or mechanical mod, is an e-cigarette that depends for its power on the battery’s output as it has no regulating chip. A mech mod will usually use a removable Li-On battery. As it has no regulating chip, the user will benefit from the full power of the battery when they are vaping. Advanced users often prefer this when they build their own customized atomizer coil. E-cigs with a regulating chip prevent firing of sub-ohm coils (under 1 ohm) but there is no issue with this with a mech mod, and the result is a hotter and thicker cloud of vapor. There is, however a downside, as the battery drains faster when using mech mods and when the battery drains, the vape’s intensity and power decreases too. On the other hand, a variable mod is an advanced version of a starter kit’s regulated vape pen. Users are able to use a variable voltage mod to adjust their e-cig’s power to suit their own taste, commonly by changing the voltage from 3 volts to 8 volts. In contrast, mods with variable wattage enable users to set the wattage of the e-cigarette using built-in computers to adjust the voltage as required. There are advanced safety features built into these mods including thermal monitors, reverse battery protection, protection against short circuits, built-in ohm readers, and many more features.
The Essential Parts of Every Electronic Cigarette
E-cigarettes are made up of 3 separate components – the battery, the tank and the e-liquid.
eliquidsE-juice or e-liquid is any e-cigarette’s fuel. The e-liquid contains nicotine and flavor together with a base which holds it together. After activating the device, the e-juice turns into vapor which is inhaled. There are a huge number of e-liquid flavors to choose from and they contain different amounts of nicotine to suit your preferences. E-liquid strength is measured in the number of milligrams of nicotine found in each milliliter of e-liquid or mg/ml. The typical nicotine levels you might find are: 6 mg/ml: Perfect for light smokers who only smoke under half a pack of cigarettes each day. 12 mg/ml: Better for average smokers who may smoke up to a whole pack per day. 18 mg/ml: Good for high volume smokers who smoke more than one pack per day. 24 mg/ml: Perfect for chain smokers, this is usually the strongest available e-liquid. Most starter kits include e-liquid, however you will need to frequently replace this component.
The battery powers the atomizer, allowing it to turn the e-liquid into vapor. The larger the battery, the longer its battery life and the more vapor it can produce. While some vapers like the mini e-cigarettes as they are similar to tobacco cigarettes in style, others like the eGo style better as they are slightly bigger and enjoy a longer battery life. Some of the eGo models allow users to adjust power output while others have mods which allow for a long battery life, although they are not very portable. e-cigarette batteries Here is a quick guide to some terms relating to batteries that you might need to know:
  1. mAh – or milli-ampere-hours.This relates to how much power is held in the battery, so one with a higher mAh can hold its charge for longer. Batteries tend to range from around 600 to 1300 mAh for eGo models while cig-a-like e-cigarettes usually have a lower mAh.
  1. Automatic vs Manual – Since 2012, manual batteries have become more popular than automatic ones. An automatic battery begins vaporizing immediately when you inhale while a manual battery demands that the user presses a button while they inhale to produce vapor. A manual battery holds a charge for longer, is safer and produces more vapor than an automatic one.
  1. Voltage – this measures how much power a battery puts out, so a higher voltage means that the atomizer will get hotter thus resulting in bigger, hotter vapor. The majority of eGo batteries are variable voltage which means you can change the amount of power the battery puts out by pushing a button. Voltages tend to start at around 3.0 volts and go up to around 5 volts so vapers can choose which setting they prefer.
e-cig tanks and clearomizersWhether it is called a cartridge, clearomizer or a tank, this is the part of the e-cigarette which holds the e-liquid while it is being vaporized. The cartridge contains a small piece known as the atomizer and this is the vaporizing element. When the user draws on the e-cig, the e-liquid is fed onto the atomizer through small wicks in the clearomizer. The best cartridges are high quality and do not need to be replaced too frequently. A high quality cartridge will produce excellent flavor and smooth vapor.
Setting Up your E-Cigarette
Once you have received your starter kit, you need to know how to set it up so you can get vaping. Although it may seem complicated, it is not as tricky as it looks. First you need to charge the battery before you set up the e-cig as it will then have a better lifespan and work more efficiently. Once this is done, you need to put the pieces together. If you have a kit that has pre-filled cartridges you just screw a cartridge to the end of the battery, but if you have a kit that has a refillable tank, you will have to fill it with e-liquid before attaching it to the battery. You fill the cartomizer by taking off the top, holding it at 45 degrees and dripping the juice into the opening. Aim for the sides as you won’t want the liquid to go into the central air hole as it will then go into your mouth. Once full, simply put the top on and you’re ready to start, but have a napkin to hand as it can be messy. Many starter kits come with a case, but if yours didn’t you will probably need to find something to carry it in as otherwise it will be just rolling around in your pocket if you are not using it. Once your e-cig battery is recharged, you will want to charge the personal charging case if your kit came with one.
E-Cigarette Maintenance
You need to be aware of the importance of maintenance for your new e-cigarette as you want to ensure its longevity. Here are some maintenance tips:
1. Charge the battery properly
If you charge the battery when it has not completely run down, you will be shortening your battery’s life. Wait until it flashes as dead before plugging it in and then you won’t need to replace batteries so frequently.
2. Cleanliness
Sometimes, your e-cig will start to taste strange and if that happens, you should wipe it down to clean it. Dip a Q-Tip in warm water, shake it off, and then wipe it around the area where the cartridge meets the battery to clean off gunk such as dripped e-liquid and dirt. Grime clogging up this area is the cause of inconsistent vapor as it affects the battery’s connection. You may need to order a new tank if the taste starts to change, however they can be cleaned using a damp q-tip to wipe the threading, mouthpiece and inside the tank itself. If you are struggling to charge the battery, you should check the the USB charger’s threading isn’t clogged with dirt too. However never submerge an e-cig in water.
3. Replacements
No matter how high quality your e-cigarette, eventually components will wear out. Batteries can only be charged around 300 times before needing replacement and cartridges will need to be changed after around 5 to 10 uses. Central atomizers eventually burn out and maybe chargers and personal charging cases will also eventually require replacing. As technology changes and improves, you will also want to upgrade to the latest components.
4. Blow it out
Once you have refilled the cartridge, you should allow it a moment to settle before using it. You should also shake the e-cig or blow it out before trying to use it again as this prevents e-liquid stuck in the chamber from bubbling into either the battery or your mouth.
5. Care for it
You won’t want to break your e-cigarette, so don’t throw it about or leave it lying in the bottom of a bag as it won’t last long. Avoid dropping, bumping or banging your electronic cigarette and this will prevent its delicate electrical system from damage.
Tips For Finding The Right E-Cigarette
Once you have decided to switch to e-cigarettes, you need to know how to choose the best e-cigarette for you. Here are some tips to help make the transition from regular cigarettes to vaping as smooth as it can be.
What Is Your Purpose?
Do you want to quit nicotine altogether, or do you just want a safer alternative? If you are eventually wanting to become nicotine free, you may not want to buy an expensive long-term device and disposable e-cigs could be the answer. However if your goal is to find a reliable and safer long term solution to supplying nicotine, you will want to find one of the high quality rechargeable devices on the market.
How Much Can You Spend?
You will be making big savings by switching to e-cigarettes so anyone planning on swapping to e-cigs in the long term will need to invest more in a reliable device within your price bracket.
What Flavors Do You Prefer?
Although there are some different flavors of disposable e-cigs, you get more choice with rechargeable vaping devices. There are many types of exciting e-juice flavors and some sites even let you create your own blended, customizable flavors of e-liquid.
You can choose from disposables that can be thrown away after use or refillable devices with atomizers, tanks and rechargeable batteries. While you may want to start out with disposables, their limited nicotine strength options and fewer flavors probably means that you will want to upgrade to a rechargeable device. E-cigs with tanks offer lots of potential for customization and can be used with lots of e-liquid flavors. More expensive models offer even more customization choices with the option to change tanks, mods and batteries as well as being able to benefit from adjustable outputs.
You will need to decide where and how you will buy vaping supplies. You can usually buy disposable e-cigs wherever you can buy standard cigarettes, which makes them very convenient to purchase, but if you have a local vape shop or want to order online, you have a greater choice of options. Buying online allows you to take advantage of competitive prices so for those on a budget, this is a good way to go.
Starter Kits
If you have decided on long-term vaping, you should invest in a good quality starter kit. Read reviews and do your research well to find a good quality product with either ready made cartridge refills or tanks that you can fill with your own choice of e-liquid. Starter kits come with most products that you will need including tank, battery, atomizer and charger, so when you pick the right one you can get started with vaping right away. Although it may seem difficult to buy e-cigarettes, it is not as complex as it may appear. When you are aware of your needs, you can go about selecting a product that suits you perfectly, and by following these tips you are sure to find that getting started with vaping is more simple than you imagined.