What is a vapehole & most annoying vaper habits

Vaping has raised all kinds of etiquette issues which are causing debates and disagreements in the community. Which places are ok for vaping? When is it acceptable to chase clouds? Should people vape in public in attempt to make it appear more normal, or should it be kept as a private activity to respect the (possibly irrational) wishes of other people? It can certainly be a difficult fine line to walk.

What is a vapehole?

vaping manThe term “vapehole” simply refers to someone who vapes who is also an asshole. While it goes without saying that some people in the world will always be inconsiderate assholes, and some of them will be smokers and some of them will switch to vaping, there is some debate about whether or not this phenomenon is really as common as some people think. According to a survey carried out by E-Cigarette Direct, it appears that the majority of vapers are actually incredibly polite, and no doubt this will be borne out when you read any discussions online about vaping etiquette or observe the behavior of your friends who vape. Most vapers are aware that bystanders usually don’t enjoy being exposed to smoke-like vapor and therefore they are happy to restrict their vaping habit to designated smoking areas. Unfortunately, there are a small number of vapers who genuinely are vapeholes, and here we look at some of their most annoying habits so you can make sure that you avoid falling into the vapehole trap.

Most annoying vaper habits

1. Cloud Chasing In Public

Probably the most often observed habit of the vapehole is cloud chasing in public. Blowing huge vapor clouds in any crowded and enclosed public space really does have to be the ultimate definition of the vapehole. Some people are simply upset by anyone vaping in public near them, but if you’re determined to attract attention by blowing enormous vapor clouds, you’re likely to make even the most reasonable person worry about what they might be inhaling. Vaping in the regular way is pretty subtle and is likely to be ignored by most people, however cloud chasing runs the risk of being intrusive and obnoxious when out in public.

Avoid being a vapehole by blowing clouds outside away from other people or waiting to vape until you are at home.

2. Blowing Vapor Directly At Others

second hand vapingEven if cloud-chasing isn’t your thing, if you blow vapor directly at other people you are still being a vapehole. While it isn’t quite as annoying as blowing tobacco smoke into someone’s face, it still isn’t very pleasant and even though experts are pretty certain that second hand vapor isn’t anything to be worried about, it still isn’t ok to disrespect other people in this way.

Avoid being a vapehole by always blowing vapor downwards and be aware of people nearby before exhaling.

3. Vaping In Inappropriate Places

vaping in publicVapeholes are characterized by their attitude that they can vape anywhere they like since it isn’t actually tobacco smoke, and although one of the early selling points associated with vaping was that you could smoke anywhere, in reality, this isn’t really the case. You can’t just assume that vaping is ok in a public place such as a shopping mall, movie theater, subway or bus unless you’ve been specifically told otherwise, and you should certainly avoid vaping in someone else’s house without asking first.

Avoid being a vapehole by always asking before you vape.

4. Berating Smokers

vapehole habitsOne of the most common traits of the vapehole is berating people who still smoke for not quitting the habit. Of course you should be proud of your success in making the switch to vaping, but you shouldn’t become a vaping evangelist with the belief that you are somehow superior to those who still smoke. If a smoker approaches you and asks you about vaping, you should always do your best to answer their questions as you may be helping to improve their life, however you should never actually approach other people to question them about why they haven’t yet made the switch. If you’re happy that you’ve swapped vaping for smoking, that’s great, but lecturing or trying to convert others is just a no-no.

Avoid being a vapehole by answering questions but never trying to force smokers to make the switch. Remember you were once a smoker too, and you’re no better than they are.

5. Being A Vaping Snob

Vapeholes are snobby about their vaping devices. If you look down on people who use cig-a-likes or eGos, you’re making a massive faux pas. Remember that not every vaper is interested in rebuilding or using a mech mod, and many people are perfectly happy to use a standard clearomizer without any desire to upgrade. Just because you’ve made vaping your full time hobby, that doesn’t mean you’re any better than anyone else.

Avoid being a vapehole by allowing others to vape in their own way without butting in to tell them how they’ve somehow got it wrong.

6. Always Stealth Vaping

While chasing clouds in public may be the number one annoying behavior exhibited by vapeholes, constantly stealth vaping is another major annoyance. While stealth vaping is a reasonable solution if you want to vape in certain public situations (i.e. if you are technically permitted to vape however you’re not keen on attracting attention) it really isn’t ok to just vape anywhere you like. Vaping in inappropriate places or when you’ve been explicitly asked not stop vaping singles you out as a definite vapehole.

Avoid being a vapehole by only stealth vaping in places where vaping is permitted but you’d rather not attract attention.

7. Telling people who express concerns to get educated

While we know that if people understood vaping better they wouldn’t be so worried about the consequences of passive vaping, responding arrogantly and treating people like they’re idiots for being worried just makes you look like even more of a vapehole.

Avoid being a vapehole by being respectful and either by vaping away from other people or by politely explaining that they are unlikely to be at any risk from passive vaping.

8. Vaping Around Food

Yes, vaping generally has a pleasant smell, however no matter how delicious your e-liquid is, the majority of people don’t want repeated wafts of cherry pie or vanilla custard while they’re eating. If you’re always doing this, or dismissing other’s complaints about you vaping around their dinner, you are definitely a vapehole.

Avoid being a vapehole by waiting until people have finished eating before you press the fire button, or just vape in a different room.

9. Ignoring Complaints About Disliking The Smell

Dismissing others’ complaints about the way your vapor smells is more vapehole-ish behavior. Remember, people aren’t being rude for disliking the smell of your e-juice, and it’s polite to simply vape out of their immediate vicinity rather than telling them to just get used to it. Also, remember that just because your e-juice tastes great doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a nice smell.

Avoid being a vapehole by blowing vapor away from other people when you’re in public and by never taking a bad-smelling e-juice to a friend’s house.

10. Vaping Near Children

man vapingThis is a tricky one, as a poll carried out by the Ashtray Blog found that one third of those surveyed believed that vaping around children is never acceptable, while around 60% thought it was ok depending on the location and situation. However, vaping near kids without thinking twice is definitely the move of a vapehole. If you happen to be vaping and some children pass by, that’s not a problem, however vaping indiscriminately near a school or in a playground is classic vapehole behavior.

Avoid being a vapehole by never vaping anywhere where large groups of children are likely to be and be generally considerate when children are near you in public places.


The common thread that runs through all of the above vapehole behaviors is the sense of entitlement that they show. While most vapers think that vaping really should not be treated in the same way as smoking and therefore they should have some rights to behave in the way they see fit, it’s important to remember that not everybody agrees. Even if you shouldn’t theoretically have to avoid vaping in a particular place or have concerns about others feeling uncomfortable, that doesn’t give you the right to ignore the feelings of others and behave like a douche.

The good news is that the majority of people who vape are thoughtful and polite, however if you recognise any of these classic negative behaviors in yourself, have a good think about the way you’re making people around you feel. Being a vapehole not only tarnishes the reputation of the entire vaping community and hurts the vaping cause, but it also makes you look like an arrogant and deeply unpleasant person. Showing courtesy to other people should always be paramount, no matter how you feel about your vaping habit.


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