E-Cig Atomizer Coil

There are two major products which must be regularly repurchased by vapers – atomizer coils and e-liquids. There is, however, some confusion around how frequently atomizer coils should be replaced, and this arises from the fact that there are many factors which determine the length of time atomizer coils will last and therefore when they should be replaced.

What Is An Atomizer Coil?

atomizer coils

atomizer coils vapingSometimes known as a replacement coil or atomizer head, an atomizer coil is the part of an e-cig which heats up the e-liquid, turning it to vapor. There are two main types of atomizer coils – dual and single coil. A dual coil atomizer has 2 heating elements which vaporize the e-juice at the same time, whereas a single coil atomizer just has one heating element. An atomizer head is composed of 3 main parts – the coil, the casing and a wicking material. The wire is wrapped in a coil formation around the wicking material before being connected to the part of the casing which forms contact with the battery itself. When the tank is filled with e-juice, it is absorbed by the wicking material and becomes saturated. As the battery becomes active, the coil heats up and the e-liquid which has saturated the wicking material becomes vaporized. There are several coil styles to choose from – for example a top coil with a long stem which is replaced through the clearomizer’s top, and a bottom coil, which as you may guess, is replaced through the clearomizer’s bottom. There is also a different version of the top coil which is shorter in length. While all of the coils function in the same manner, they only work in particular devices.

How Does An E-Cig Atomizer Work?

atomizer coilIn today’s e-cig industry, there are several varieties of atomizer available for purchase. Most people prefer to go with a cartomizer – a cartridge that has an inbuilt atomizer, however even within this category, there are several types of atomizer to choose from including vertical, horizontal, dual, top and bottom coil designs. An atomizer works in the following way: a wire is connected to a power supply and a circuit board, which, when activated, transmits power to two separate places, the first being the heating element and the second being a micro-pump which is inside the atomizer. This pump pushes the e-juice through the atomizer and towards the heating element which then vaporizes the e-liquid. This continues until the power button is released or the user stops vaping.

How Often Do I Have To Change The Atomizer Coil?

It can be difficult to determine precisely when atomizer coils should be changed because there are so many variables at play, however you can follow this basic guideline:

  • For heavy vapers who vape continuously all day, coils will require replacing between every 5 and 7 days.
  • For moderate vapers, with relatively consistent vaping, each coil will last around 2 weeks.
  • Light vapers who only take a few hits throughout their day could find that their coil will last around 3 weeks or even more.

Of course, in some situations a coil may last a shorter or longer time, but as soon as you observe signs of your coil burning out, you should replace it immediately.

How Do I Know That It’s Time To Change The E-Cig Coil?

e cig atomizer coil changeOften, the first sign that an atomizer coil is failing is that you will experience a burnt taste when you take a drag. While there are some other causes of this unpleasant taste, for example too little e-juice in the tank, or excessive power going to the coil, usually a burnt taste is an indicator that you should replace the atomizer. Another sign is that the wicking material will begin to oversaturate, discolor and become charred over time. This causes it to be less efficient at absorbing the e-liquid and your hits will be drier. You may also find that you e-liquid starts to leak, as the wire becomes unable to heat up to an adequate temperature to vaporize the e-juice properly and therefore some of it gets into your mouth when you take a drag. If you device is leaking, you may also notice gurgling sounds and flooding as the coil cannot heat up the e-liquid quickly enough. If you do not replace the coil, eventually it will stop producing any vapor and will cause you to draw up e-liquid instead of vapor when you take a drag since the wire in the coil is not heating up and is therefore unable to vaporize the liquid. You should not wait for this to happen, however, and should replace the coil at the first sign of failure.


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