How To Improve Vapor Production from Your E-Cig

When you first start out with vaping, most people choose to use a simple and satisfying device, since stopping smoking is their primary goal. However after they’ve been a vaper for some time, the idea of producing larger vapor clouds becomes more appealing. While most people don’t go all out to become cloud chasers, they do find that more substantial, thicker clouds are fairly satisfying. Luckily, there are several ways in which you can boost the amount of vapor you produce. While some kinds of atomizers and e-cigs are designed specially for this purpose, there are lots of other things to try that will help you to improve your vapor production whatever type of device you use.

How To Improve Vapor Production

Use High Power Devices

vape modsIf you use an e-Go e-cig or a basic vape pen, there is very little that can be done to boost vapor production. You really need a high performing atomizer or a device with variable wattage or voltage. A basic device will usually only support a high resistance atomizer, with most just sending the coil a fixed voltage. That means that, although using a high VG e-juice or using a different puffing technique might help, that’s pretty much all you’ll be able to do. However more advanced devices offer more potential for better vapor production. Most variable wattage and voltage devices are fairly affordable, and lots of them feature built in batteries, so even if the displays and settings seem complicated, they aren’t as difficult to get to grips with as you might imagine. Switching to one of these devices is the best way to get a larger amount of vapor.

Choose A Better Atomizer

vape atomizerThe amount of vapor you can produce is very dependent on the atomizer that you choose, and what you can achieve with a basic option is pretty limited. To boost your vapor production, go for a rebuildable atomizer or a sub ohm tank, both of which use a lower resistance coil which can tolerate a lot more power. If you’ve just started vaping, a sub ohm tank is your best bet as it will work in the same way as a simple clearomizer. A rebuildable atomizer is more technical since making coils yourself is a requirement. A top coil basic clearomizer limits the kind of e-juice you’re able to use, so this is the worst type of device you can use if you want large clouds. You’ll need to opt for a more advanced atomizer if blowing big clouds is your goal.

Use A Higher Wattage

If you use a higher wattage, you’ll be able to make more vapor. This is because the higher the amount of electricity flowing through the coil, the more e-liquid can be vaporized and thus you can produce more vapor. This means that a VV/VW device is perfect for boosting vapor production.

However, you need to be careful to avoid going too far with the result that you end up wrecking the coils. To avoid this happening, begin with a fairly low setting and then work up gradually. Eventually, you’ll find the flavor will decline and you may find that vapor is too hot or uncomfortable when you’re inhaling.

Increase The Airflow

woman vapingUsually, if more air flows over the coil, more vapor will be produced. With limited airflow, even if a lot of vapor is produced it’ll be concentrated and hot, making it unpleasant to inhale. If you open the airflow you’ll find more clouds are produced and the vapor becomes cooler. If you’re vaping using a high wattage, this is vital as otherwise you’ll find the vapor is too hot to vape comfortably.

However you need to get the balance right. Opening your airflow a lot may make the vapor cloud weak and wispy, and the flavor will be reduced, and if you prefer warmer vapor, a wide open airflow may not be right for you.

You will need to invest in an atomizer with an adjustable airflow, and this is why simple clearomizers don’t really work for producing clouds as they don’t often have airflow options.

Use A High VG E-Liquid

e-juiceAn e-liquid with a higher level of VG produces more vapor than a PG heavy one, and this means that the potential thinning of vapor clouds which can occur with a wider airflow isn’t as much of a problem. Although PG improves throat hit, it can be too harsh if you use a high power setting. VG is smoother, so it can be tolerated better at a high wattage.

There is a downside, however. VG is much thicker than PG and that means it can’t soak as well into the wick as an e-juice with a PG base. Therefore you need to choose a well-designed wick. Luckily, rebuildable atomizers and sub ohm tanks can tolerate high VG e-liquid, but if you use a simple clearomizer, you run the risk of dry hits without reducing your power settings to compensate.

Change The Way You Inhale

inhalationThe way in which you inhale has an impact on the amount of vapor you can produce. While this may have a smaller influence than some of the other factors, it can still make a difference. If you have a simple, low-power e-cig, this is something you can try.

If you have a rebuildable or a sub ohm tank that has plenty of airflow, inhale pretty rapidly to make the most of it. This will enable you to switch your inhaling directly to your lungs for better clouds.

If you have an e-cig with low power or no airflow control, you’ll have to change your approach. If you have a vape pen, try slow, long inhales. Hold down the fire button for one or two seconds before you inhale as this will improve airflow, and avoid inhaling too softly.

If you have a cig-a-like, take slower, longer inhales, with a couple of priming puffs (short inhales) before you take a main puff.

Tank Chimneys And Drip Tips

Airflow is essential to produce plenty of vapor, and to maximize this, the tank’s central chimney size is a key factor. The drip tip is also relevant. While this has a fairly minor influence, choosing a drip tip with a wider bore can boost vapor production. While changing the center chimney’s bore is impossible without buying a brand new tank, you can easily buy a new drip tip.

Change Your Coils

vape coilIn the early days of vaping, all coils came in a standard type, however today things are different and there are lots of kinds of coil that you can choose. Most sub ohm tanks have single vertical coils which are good for producing vapor, however dual coils are definitely worth considering, and Clapton coils, which have a central core with thin wire in a spiral around it, are perfect for both vapor and flavor. While you don’t actually need to use a special type of coils, it’s something that’s worth considering if you want to achieve maximum vapor.

Build Cloud Chasing Coils

The more of the coil that makes contact with the wick and e-juice, the more you will see impressive amounts of vapor. Wire gauge is key to this. A Lower AWG coil has a lower resistance and therefore it’s possible to use a larger amount of wire without having to increase the resistance. A high resistance coil will take a greater amount of time to reach its desired temperature, so using a lower wire gauge is best for cloud chasing.

cloud chasingIt is for this reason that dual coils work well for cloud chasing. Parallel coils are separately connected to the posts instead of being connected in a chain. When coils are made in this way, overall resistance is reduced while the coil’s surface area in contact with the wick and the e-juice is doubled. For consistent performance, take special care to ensure that both coils use the same wire (i.e. in length, number of wraps and inner diameter). A coil with a large diameter produces better clouds than a small diameter one as again, there will be a greater surface area in contact with the wick.

The type of wire also makes a difference. A Clapton coil or a twisted one has a bigger surface area and so will produce more vapor (and often flavor too). However some builds may take a long time in order to ramp up, although this can be resolved by using a staged heating coil which incorporates conventional coils with ones that have a slow ramp up design.

Experimenting with coil building is a rewarding, affordable and enjoyable way of vaping and is likely to increase the amount of vapor you produce, so it is something that is definitely worth considering.


If you use a vaping device that is more sophisticated than a standard vape pen, there are several ways in which you can boost your e-cig’s vapor production. If you want to enjoy the biggest clouds possible, you can try all these hints and you’re sure to get brilliant vapor production. However, for the majority of vapers, just trying one or two of these suggestions is often enough to get enjoyable amounts of vapor, and with a high power mod, some cloud-friendly builds and an RDA, you’ll be producing huge clouds before you know it.


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