Green Smoke coupon

As far as electronic cigarette manufacturers go, Green Smoke is one of the earliest to produce them in the mini E-Cigarette category. With enhanced innovation, Green Smoke was able to provide smokers with an enjoyable substitute to hazardous tobacco cigarettes. Part of the great product development for Green Smoke is the newer cartomizer design, which mixes the e-liquid and atomizer into a single throwaway filter. The contemporary E-Cigarette cartridge blueprint was started with the Green Smoke cartomizer.

You can count on 25% bargains with Green Smoke promo codes on all items in their store when the holidays are coming up. It’s possible to grab some great E-Cigarette deals when you mix your coupon codes with these great values. Promo codes without expiration are being offered so you can appreciate huge savings with every Green Smoke battery, starter kit, refill or accessory purchase.

Why Go With Green Smoke?

The ideal-tasting cartridges and mighty batteries have aided Green Smoke in dominating the electronic cigarette market for several years. Green Smoke launched the design for cartomizer by combining the cartridge and atomizer into a single throwaway unit to remove maintenance troubles and supply the users with clean, sleek and delightful puffs.

The lithium ion innovation is what gives Green Smoke its strength, and the batteries are extremely lightweight, compact and last 95% longer than other brands. For light smokers, the fully charged battery should last two or three days, whereas for heavy smokers they will get at least a good eight hours from it. A single cartomizer from Green Smoke is able to generate the comparable amount of puffs as 30 cigarettes can. This means a reduction in a smoker’s pack-a-day expense to only $1.99 – which when equated to tobacco cigarettes is 60% less money.

The vapor remains steady with every single puff and flavors stay amazing from beginning to end. Puffing on Green Smoke is very similar to smoking, as you just have to press the device to your lips, take your lengthy draw and then breathe it out. You will be able to enjoy the genuine nicotine pleasure, as the throat hit is fantastic. As well, using Green Smoke is possible in practically any place, thanks to the technology of plugging a USB cigarette into a computer as you work or into the cigarette lighter of your car as you wait in a parking lot. For some vaping on the go, just pack a carry case including a USB charger, four cartomizers and a couple of batteries.

Even in places where cigarettes are banned, Green Smoke should be permitted as they emit no annoying or harmful tobacco smoke. So get your discount codes for Green Smoke to experience the greatest deals and appreciate a healthier way of life with this great brand.