How to choose E-liquid strength?

If you honestly thought that you had everything figured out about e-liquids, then it proves you still don’t know much yet. You will need to get every bit of information before you decide to make a selection for the best e-liquid available. The initial thing to know about e-liquids is what’s in them and what any potential dangers of them might be. Nicotine is a primary ingredient found in e-liquids, but what exactly do you know about it?

By nature nicotine is dangerous, and it can be harmful to your health when it is not handled correctly or is misused. Do not leave e-liquids within reach of children or your pets. Keep them retained in a dry and cool place that is away from those who can’t grasp the potential danger from them. There are also other flavorings and ingredients in e-liquids, such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and ethyl maltol. The ethyl maltol is a sweetener and the propylene glycol works as an enhancer for flavor. The vapor production is however left up to the vegetable glycerin. Although tobacco cigarettes are still so largely popular, e-liquids provide more alternatives, such as various nicotine strengths and flavors. This makes it not surprising that vapers from all over prefer this approach.

Selecting the Strength of E-liquids

Even now there are still many vapers that are not certain how to select the potency of the e-liquids that suits them best. For those new to vaping, it’s fair to say they have no clue about how to go about choosing the strength. The typical choice when selecting e-liquid milligram strength should be one that fits the potency of the conventional cigarettes that the smoker previously used.

But there are a few things to consider when selecting the best strength for your need. Choosing a weaker one won’t satisfy you and one that is too high might be too excessive. It’s recommended that vaping beginners start using a 16mg level of nicotine, as this amount will best match the usual tobacco cigarette levels. Ultimately this means no drastic changes will occur when switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic. Fortunately the 16mg level is not the only one that vapers are stuck with, as they can select according to their preferences for nicotine.

There is a chart shown below that reveals the various nicotine levels to select from. Quite often the E-cigarette performance is dependent upon nicotine quality contained in the devices. The term “throat hit” refers to the way in which the nicotine impacts the E-Cigarette performance. To get the best “throat hit” possible, do not make any radical choices. Which means do not select a nicotine level that is too high or too low.

For example, if you are accustomed to smoking at level 16, do not drop down to 8mg or go up with an extra strength 24mg level. Instead, take one step up or down. As a smoker, how would you rate yourself? Do you only smoke on occasion or are you a chain smoker? If you smoke a lot how much do you smoke per day? The choice of nicotine strengths and levels will also depend upon the intensity and frequency of your smoking. Lower levels of nicotine for frequent smokers will not be very satisfying.

The essential part of this decision is to match nicotine levels to what you have already been accustomed to for so long. Even the health experts say that making a switch over to a nicotine product replacement is better when the levels are similar. If you a curious about why this is, the reasons are stated below:


If you switch over to a nicotine level that is too low compared to what you are used to, elevated smoking may follow as a means to compensate what is lacked.  This is called “Compensation smoking” which leaves you smoking more than what you previously did, only to satisfy your nicotine cravings. The other result from this is going back to the original tobacco cigarettes. Many vapers end up feeling that the E-Cigarettes aren’t working for them and end up going back to their same old smoking habit.


With nicotine there is also such thing as “too much” and “too intense.” Higher nicotine levels will leave those who are used to lower levels, feeling overwhelmed. For example, a light tobacco smoker for a lengthy time period switches to a full e-liquid strength but then experiences an overload which causes shortness of breath, light-headedness, dizziness or other side effects. This may automatically make that smoker decide to stop using E-Cigarettes altogether, when in fact the nicotine level is the only thing that should be changed. Again, the end result may mean going back to the same old cigarettes. The electronic cigarette experience is to be enjoyable, so to get the sweet spot correct, choose the right nicotine level for your need.

Be Mindful of the PG/VG Amounts

Many people are not informed of what PG/VG densities are. These represent the propylene glycol (PG) and the vegetable glycerin (VG) percentages found within the e-liquid. As already talked about, the PG heightens the liquid’s flavor while the VG generates the vapor. The usual PG/VG quantity found in the majority of e-liquids is 50/50, making flavor and vapor match as evenly as possible. There are no limited choices, so those with a preference for flavor over vapor or vice versa do not need to be concerned. There are e-liquids that have more vapor but not much flavor, just as there are e-liquids with stronger flavors but only a little vapor. It is not always about preference however, as some vapers simply have allergies to PG or health concerns that inhibit PG or VG. Fortunately that is why there are various PG/VG concentrations to be selected from.

Choose from a Limitless Assortment of E-liquids

With tobacco cigarettes, flavor plays an important role about which brand is preferred. There are a handful of flavors with tobacco cigarettes, and one of the most preferred is menthol. But the options are countless when it comes to e-liquids. There are just so many flavors to choose from, such as bubble gum, coffee, blackberry, blueberry, jasmine and more. There are flavors that one might not expect to see on the list either. It almost seems as though someone comes out with a new flavor every day, and there’s nothing wrong with trying some of them out. Just be sure when trying something new to begin small with little steps and avoid overdoing it. To avoid regretting a flavor you may not like, you should purchase the smaller packages rather than jumping into a large 30ml size. Where possible, try out samplers before making any purchases.

Lower the Nicotine Strength of E-liquids

If you are wondering how to go about reducing the nicotine strength in an e-liquid, it’s actually quite easy. By this stage you should already be vaping an electronic cigarette that has a level of nicotine that is close or equal to the level of a tobacco product. The process of reduction must be done progressively and it will take some time so do it within your own pace. For those concerned about not having something to smoke after they have been weened from nicotine completely, there are nicotine-free products available. It should be a big help to look at the E-liquid Strength Guide below in order to help you plan out your E-Cigarette kit purchases or for buying refills as well.

To summarize, this is what needs to be remembered:

* Always use e-liquids properly without abuse.

* Keep e-liquids stored correctly and in a safe location where children or pets can’t get at them.

* Be conscious regarding the PG/VG quantities.

* Begin slowly at lower level nicotine strengths.

* When you buy new flavors, buy small amounts until you discover the ones you enjoy most.

* Always be sure to purchase your e-liquids from reputable and trusted distributors and sellers.

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