Seduce Juice review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Seduce Juice is one of the more popular e-juice brands in the past few years.  It was conceptualized by a husband and wife tandem who are based in Charlotte, NC. The two switched to vaping before parlaying their background in small business and marketing in creating this product. It was introduced in the market in 2012.

At first, each bottle of the e-juice was made to order. But soon enough, order volume expanded that the makers had to increase consistency and sustain the fast shipping. So they turned to a batch-oriented production method. These days, all of its products are pre-produced in batches and stocked.

At such a short amount of time, the Seduce liquid has garnered a loyal following. Many e-cigarette liquid users are raving about this product, writing their reviews

In this Seduce juice review, let’s take a closer look at the product that is taking the vaping world by storm.

Product Details


  • Very tasty
  • Good vapor production
  • Good throat hit
  • Bottles have plastic needle tips, hence there is no need to put on a different cap or utilize a syringe or dropper
  • Free 5ml for every order


  • Smell can be a little perfume-like
  • No customization
  • Should be consumed in less than a week after delivery. After a week, the flavor’s quality is affected.


  • Snake oil: $8.99
  • Envy: $8.99
  • Epiphany: $15.99

Available nicotine strengths:  1.5 mg/ml; 3mg/ml; 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml; 18mg/ml


The first thing you will notice about Seduce Juice is how the manufacturers presented the product. All variants are presented in a sleek packaging. The artwork is very impressive, and you’ll get the impression that you are getting a premium product just by looking at its packaging.

Another thing noticeable in the e-juice is the manufacturer’s use of Biblical references in some of its titles. There’s Exodus 7:20 and Trinity. Another flavor is called Immuculata, while two others are called Caesar and Jezebel.

It also seems like the manufacturer got a lot of inspiration from snake as some of the e-juice flavors are named after the reptile. These include Snake Oil, Snake Bite, and Snake Eyes. Moreover, the logo of the e-juice has a snake on it.


According to the company, all its juices are entirely made in the United States. Nearly all e-liquids are made of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), nicotine, and natural and artificial food grade flavorings. All its PG/VC bases are sourced from reputable US-based suppliers.

Its nicotine is sourced from one of the largest and most reputable suppliers of Pharma-grade nicotine in the US, and is located an hour away from the e-juice maker’s production facility. This means that the e-juice maker can purchase small-lots of nicotine so that it can ship a fresh mix each time.

This also explains why the company does not accept customization of orders. Buyers won’t be able to get additional menthol, flavor, or nicotine levels other than what the company offers.

Its juices don’t have any flavors that make use of diacetyl, a flavoring molecule which can cause bronchiolitis obliterans or the so-called popcorn lung.

Unlike other e-juice vendors who use proprietary blends for their products, the makers of Seduce don’t produce any extracts at all. The company sources all its flavorings from reputable suppliers. None of the juices also have sweetening additives.

Generally speaking, the product is well-rated by those who have actually used it. They say that shipping is fast, labels on the products are accurate and unique, and most importantly, the juices are fantastic.

Many online reviews give the juice a four to five-star rating. You will be hard pressed to find an online review that gives it a low rating. A look at the company’s website reveals that 16 of the flavors have a five-star rating as given by customers; the other flavors have a four star rating.


Snake Oil

This is the best seller of the company. Its popularity is evidenced by the number of cloned flavors sold online. It is a combination of pear and coconut, and available at 50 apg/50 vg or max VG.

You will love the natural pear flavor that is clean but not overly sweet. The cream meanwhile, gives a nice undertone. The light coconut flavor, while not the primary component, is also very prominent. Try it at 12 mg to get a good vapor production with a tingling throat hit. Moreover, it leaves a very nice room note behind.

2. Snake Venom

Another of those products with the ‘snake’ title on it, this flavor has a cream/coconut base and peach as the main component. The peach flavor is real although it may taste like candy to some. Unlike in the Snake Oil, the coconut flavor is not as effective in complementing the main flavor. It even appears to rival the peach for distinction. Snake Venom is good but you might not be impressed with it especially when you compare it with Snake Oil.

For good vapor production and a good throat hit, have it at 50/50 pg/vg at 12 mg. It will leave behind a good room note.

3. Snake Bite

This is the version of the Seduce Snake series with an apple infusion. Tart apple is very much prominent, and it is backed by the sweet taste of coconut. The latter may taste a bit out of place for many people, but it gives the overall flavor a tropical vibe. It has the right balance of tart and sweetness.

For a good vapor production, enjoy it at 50/50 pg/vg at 12 mg. The tangy apple flavor slight increases throat hit. There’s a very noticeable apple flavor on the room note but it should fade very quickly.

  1. Frankincense

This mixes Seduce’s cream base with kiwi and strawberry. Many people who have tried it say the flavors are tasty and balanced. The strawberry is a bit more on the candy side, and won’t overwhelm the kiwi flavor. Some of those who have actually tasted it say it is a fine flavor, but not really the strongest or tastiest in the 21-flavor line up of Seduce.

5. Jezebel

Another best seller, it does not have the juice’s cream base. It has mixed fruit as its primary colors, with PG/VG ratio at 50/50. One thing you will observe is the melon flavor that is very prominent, with the other flavors very fruity. Flavors you will likely notice are blueberry, raspberry, and apple. The fruit medley adds dimensionality to the overall taste. If you love melon, then this is the flavor that you should get.

Vapor Volume/Throat Hit

The PG/VG ratios on its juices are 50/50, 30/70 and max VG. The ratio pertains to the final overall ratio of the PG to VG of the juice. It may vary depending on the juice.


As you can see, Seduce Juice is not overhyped at all. Its e-juices are all flavorful and can give users a silky smooth vape.  The Snake line is particularly popular among people who vape, while Jezebel appeals to those who love a melon/fruit variety. Anyone looking for a high quality and relatively inexpensive e-liquid should consider this brand.


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