What is E-liquid?

The term “E-liquid” in the electronic cigarette business refers to solution of nicotine in the changeable cartridge or the refillable tank system. Much unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are crafted with an atomizer which converts the e-liquid over to water vapor. It is this function which makes electronic cigarettes smokeless, odor free and reasonably safer to breathe in compared to cigar smoke.

The nicotine and flavor are held in by the e-liquid, which makes it a vital element of vaping. Cheaper e-liquids normally leave you with a synthetic taste and horrible streak in your mouth, while the higher quality e-liquids provide you with a natural smoking experience. These can also go by names such as e-juice or smoke juice, and they are purchased in childproof bottles that have a specialized drop tip to refill them easily. They are offered in various flavors with nicotine or without it. The three primary ingredients of e-liquids used by the manufacturers are flavoring, nicotine and diluents.


E-Cigarettes are void of toxic chemicals which can number in the thousands and this is why they are considered safer to smoke than analogs. But to satisfy the nicotine craving of smokers, the majority of e-liquids have some nicotine in them.

The measurement for nicotine is typically measured in either just ml or mg/ml. The strength of the nicotine will depend upon what a smoker currently takes in. The common selections are low strength (0 to 6mg), medium strength (11 to 16mg) and high strength (18 to 24mg). For those that like smoking reds, an ideal amount might be 18 to 24mg e-liquids. For light smokers it’s common to like the 11 to 16mg and the ultra light smokers might enjoy 6 to 11mg.

As a suggestion, perhaps new users should go with a middle range and choose to go up or down based upon desired choice. Be sure to decrease your nicotine level or change to an e-liquid that is VG based if you begin to get dizzy, light-headed or nauseous. Nicotine will make up0% to 5.4% of the e-liquid depending upon strength. E-liquid manufacturers use pharmaceutical-class pure nicotine into their solutions.


In addition to the nicotine hit, electronic cigarettes reproduce the cigarette taste as well. To produce the traditional tobacco and menthol flavored brands, vape juices get mixed with unique additives to make the changeover as coherent as possible. Apart from barley and mint, there are also food-formulated flavors that are presented to make the vaping experience more enjoyable. It is now possible to select from nearly 250 distinctive flavors that range from vanilla, chocolate, coffee to fruit as well as soda and candy laced e-liquids.

Diluent base

The flavoring and nicotine are both vital for a great e-liquid recipe, but it’s the diluent base that is crucial to have for the smoke-like vapor that is produced by the E-Cigarettes. Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the most prevalent ingredients used in e-liquids. It is normally considered to be safe by the FDA for people to consume pharmaceutical-class propylene glycol. It can also be found in various foods we eat as well as medicines and toothpaste.

A plant-based substance called vegetable glycerin is mixed with numerous products that clean skin and moisturize, as it’s typically made from palm or coconut oil. Usually the e-liquids are 80% to 90% diluents and this base is made up from 100% VG or a mix which includes PG. Some of the popular ratios can be 100% VG or 50/50 PG/VG and also 80/20 PG/VG. A higher PG signifies thicker vapor clouds because PG is not as thick as VG and it is usually combined with PG to be a bit more soluble or to render it more reliability. Sometimes distilled water is also added in order to dilute the e-liquid.

For those that frequently smoke a cigarette pack every day, they normally take in 10ml of e-liquid weekly with ordinary atomizers. Certain cartomizers, clearomizers and other atomizing devices of low resistance burn up a bit more liquid so more may be needed based on the kind of E-Cigarette system being used. The electronic cigarette brands that have cartridge refilling options have had a larger selling point in the market because of this alternative. E-liquids offer the convenience of creating customized flavors and are also less expensive than pre-filled cartomizers. It can be fun to create premixed cocktails, as they are simple and reliable, but when you can find your own tasteful point, then the fun begins. Using your own Do It Yourself recipes you can generate your very own PG/VG ratios. You can mix up some pina colada with cherry or some coffee with chocolate, as the sky is the limit!

You must also keep in mind that from supplier to supplier the e-liquids will vary. You might have one chocolate flavor from a brand that doesn’t taste much like another. Be sure to order smaller bottles (to avoid waste) when first trying out newer brands until you find what you like. Remember to stock up on aluminum drip tips if possible, as they guarantee easy refilling while remaining durable and classy in appearance. The rubber drip tips can be quite a bit softer on the teeth and the smoker can simply leave them at the E-Cigarette’s mouth-end.

If your e-liquid has the expiration and production date on the bottle then you know they are honest and dependable. Typical date for e-liquids to expire is after two years and you should always check for the label’s ingredients.