Green Smoke review

What vapers want, it’s been said that Green Smoke’s e-cigs definitely provide! Their e-cigs consist of various flavor selections, longer lasting battery life, and the range of nicotine levels is incredible. It’s something that’s placed this brand amongst the most valuable players at the top of the e-cigs market.

E-cigs in general were originally created to serve as actual tobacco cigarette replacements, and the market has greatly expanded throughout the years. Let’s face it, years of smoking do make it harder to quit, but e-cigs makes it easier for smokers to remain healthy! The substantiated amount of vapor users experience with each individual e-cigs puff provides that trickery to the mind effect in making smokers feel as though they’re hitting the real thing. At least that’s what an e-cig is supposed to do, and the Green Smoke brand does it quite well. Green Smoke brand has received worldwide recognition brand, and it would be absolutely crazy if their praises from supposed customers were all just hype.

It makes perfect sense that Green Smoke has established a great reputation, being an older e-cig brand founded in the latest of 2008 in Miami, Florida. The tobacco cigarette industry was booming around that time, and so were the picket signs and legislations for designating “No Smoking” areas in public places.  Oh lots of smokers were at a dismay in the winter season having to retire outside multiple establishments to get their nicotine fix.

The founder was inspired through earlier e-cig designs and it didn’t take long for his dream of offering a satisfying solution for smokers and non-smokers to be turned into a reality through scientists and technical geniuses. Today, Green Smoke is clearly amongst vapors prime choice, having been enjoyed by over 3.5 million customers, and growing.

Recent events would include the Pro Kits original price of $99.97 being reduced to $74.05, along with the Express Kits price reduction from $59.97 to $46.72. The reduction makes both more affordable, and builds upon the anticipation for vapors worldwide to want to give the e-cigs a try. Both kits offer value as well.

The Pro Kit includes:

  • 3 of their longer lasting and highly durable batteries,
  • 10 flavored cartridges, USB charger,
  • Wall and car high powered adapters,
  • and of course the deluxe carrying case and USB powered e-cig itself.
  • But, the less expensive Express Kit doesn’t fall too short with its inclusion of 5 of the FlavorMax cartridges, 2 batteries, 1 USB charger and wall adapter, along with the deluxe carrying case and e-cig.

Green Smoke review – Packaging & Design

The packaging as expected was highly impressive with its green box designs stylish features. It offers magnetic clasps for closure with ease, along with a two tier type interior. It’s perfect for traveling as it can withstand a great amount of wear without damaging the inside contents. The top tier is placement for the longer and shorter batteries, plus the instruction manual. Then, there’s another storage area for the USB charger. More room, increased protection!

The actual e-cigarette also has undergone top notch designing. The cartridges are quite simple with screw on features, leaving the thin golden colored band to separate it from the actual battery. The faux-paper rings add that cigarette similar appearance, while the cartridges have the appearance of actual cigarette butts without the ash tray or ground littering pile up. There’s also an addition of designer batteries to offer more unique and colorful style selections for vapors, making them very playful and attractive to the eye! Can your real tobacco cigarettes provide that? Not a chance!

green smoke kitBesides the design, the Green Smoke batteries are all automatic, meaning they work just like the real cigarettes so vapors don’t feel as though they’re missing out on that experience. It’s lightweight, with a green tip that turns reddish on actual inhalation. It fades in, and fades out on every puff similar to the real tobacco cigarettes, with air flow holes located above the battery and not in-between it and the cartridge as with other e-cig brands. If you had concerns about style of the brand, your worries by now have gone through individual eliminations!

Green Smoke review – Nicotine Levels

The availability of cartridges is in 5 strengths with the heaviest nicotine selection having a strong concentration of 24 mg. Next comes the 18 mg which is seen at the full strength, 12mg for light, and 6 mg for the ultra-light experience. The final strength is zero! Many users have commented on their nicotine rush since switching from regular tobacco cigarettes to Green Smoke e-cigs, especially with use of the heavy and full cartridges. For those looking to quit smoking entirely, the light cartridges do help you cut down.

Green Smoke review – Vapor & Flavors 

Green smokes separation from other e-cigs on the market would completely fall in line within this section. With the cheaper e-cigs selections, you do get what you pay for. But, with Green Smoke e-cigs you get that nicotine experience in the form of the most enjoyable vapor hits imaginable. Green Smoke users could pass by the introductory phase of priming the atomizer with a few puffs, and it’s highly comparable to another popular e-cig brand “V2 cigs.”

green smoke flavoursThe actual flavors are truly some of the best in the e-cig market, and the FlavorMax cartomizers enhances the flavors with goals of adding at least 360 additional puffs per cartridge. Customers can experience the 3 varieties of tobacco flavor, Red Label Tobacco (similar in flavor to the actual Marlboro Red cigarettes), Absolute Tobacco, and Tobacco Gold. Along with those flavors are Vanilla Dreams, Smooth Chocolate, Mocha Mist, Mountain Clove, and Menthol Ice.

Red Label packs are considered the heavy hitters, with Gold being a tad sweet and the Absolute flavor can be considered smoother. Customer selection is based on preference, but the Menthol Ice could be considered amongst the heavy hitters as well, while the Smooth Chocolate flavor presents a noticeable cocoa hint. It’s easy to get wrapped up in every flavor, including the sweet ones, and it does happen rather quickly!

Green Smoke review- Battery and charging

Green Smokes battery life is that of the highest grade. In fact, the long one could last the heaviest users an entire day without being re-charged. The shorter battery can stretch to about 200 puffs, and the longer one about 275 puffs, Keep in mind that both are just estimates! There are some chain vapors who might be set on testing the battery life themselves, that’s why Green Smoke has covered their grounds in this area with the spare battery offering, case, and USB plug for spare of the moment charging. Perfection! There are seemingly no areas where Green Smoke e-cigs could disappoint their users, even without including the pen-sized type of batteries other brands like White Cloud Cirrus 3X offers.

green smoke battery

Green Smoke review – Warranty & Manufacturing

Green Smokes manufacturing facilities are the highest rated under recognizable international standards. Customers can be assured that everything reaching them has been tested multiple times, including the batteries that are ran through the safety and airflow tests. American developers and engineers are the brain power behind Green Smokes products. The quality is so exceptional that even the batteries can withstand the most incidental of events such as water contact, with dry out time allotted, and returning back to perfect functioning status.

E-liquid found within the cartomizers has also been extensively tested within highly rated international laboratories. They’ve been run through chemical assessment to ensure consistency levels of nicotine without harmful impurities. They’ve also had everything that reaches their customers undergo batch reporting which can be checked on cartomizers packs. Customers can use the batch numbers found on the bottom of their boxes to submit into an area located on the website to view the full report through email.

Green Smoke also offers dissatisfied customers, or in rare cases of receiving defective equipment a guarantee of 30 days money back. This means that if the kit is returned within those 30 days customers can receive the full refund of purchase price. Customers can also take advantage of the Green Smoke lifetime warranty offering free replacements for up to 1 year. Furthermore customers could still receive coverage for 3 more replacements after the year is up, but only on the condition they’ve purchased cartridges 3 months prior to requesting. Keep in mind that while it seems that Green Smoke has customers covered in every way, this shouldn’t mean that customers try to abuse the excellent customer service through trying to gather freebies. There’s a limitation on the amount of replacements, and remember that everything is tested before it’s shipped out.

Green Smoke review – Conclusion

Green Smoke e-cigarettes have definitely earned their placement amongst the top brands in the industry. The products reproduction of the actual smoking experience without the smell and harmful chemicals is remarkable. It also allows for users to sit in establishments especially after a heavy meal and get their smokes on. There hasn’t been any complaints on a quality and consistency level, just more demands on production of additional flavors. Many customers cannot wait to see what the future holds for a company that’s done everything right in every area. The consumers considering Green Smokes e-cig brand are definitely making an excellent choice.


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