Complete South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smokes reputation is widespread. They’re actually one of the biggest e-cig names in the industry.

Some users had reported battery limitations for the standard addition and a limp selection of flavors, but the rest is greatly impressive.

This e-cig brand was founded back in 2010 in Florida. Florida has produced several top e-cig brands like V2 Cigs, Vaporfi Mig Vapor and others. South Beach has a massive loyal customer base, and their product has recently undergone some updates for great improvement.

The battery life as mentioned above is no longer a user complaint, and the cartridges are also of higher quality. Its older 3 piece model was replaced entirely with its two piece standard design, and it’s seemingly worth any investment.

If you’ve heard of VaporFi, well South Beach Smoke is manufactured by the same exact company. There’s plenty of excellence in the similarities of the two popular brands, with the greatest difference seen through the cosmetic design. Let’s take a closer look to our South Beach Smoke review.

Popular Starter Kits

Deluxe Starter Kit

deluxe kitUsing a combined atomizer/cartridge and a battery forming a two part technology, the best smoking experience in the industry is created.

The Deluxe Electronic Cigarette is an all-in-one unit with disposable atomizer/cartridge that is replaced at the same time when you’re done. It makes smoking clean and simple.

Gone are the days of having to assemble your e-cig with The Deluxe Electronic Cigarette. And the starter it makes getting started easy by having everything you need all in one package.

Deluxe Ultimate Kit

deluxe ultimateThe Deluxe Ultimate Kit comes complete with every accessory that you need to start using it. This is the top of the line, using the patented two part technology of a combined atomizer/cartridge and battery and the best experience you can get.

The combo all-in-one atomizer and cartridge will provide you a smoking experience that is new and clean because every time you replace your nicotine cartridge, your atomizer is replaced to, eliminating any atomizer maintenance.

Thunder Starter Kit
thunder starter kit

The Thunder Starter Kit is the industry’s best and most innovative vaping technology. It is an advanced vaporizer starter kit that has plenty of features that others in the same category don’t.

Like the latest in capabilities and technology with a lot of power and the best performance you’ll find. You can expect an excellent production of vapor from the airflow control tank and the 1300mAh battery each and every time.

Storm Starter kit
storm starter kit

A maverick in the industry, The Storm vaporizer allows you to choose the exact experience you want from your vaping AND, it comes with anything you need to get started.

This includes a Storm Battery, Storm Tank, a USB charger, a wall charger and comes in a wide range of colors too.

Reusable Express Kit
express kit

A two part technology that combines an atomizer/cartridge with a battery component is what makes The SBS Reusable Express Kit is better than any of the others.

It is the SuperMax Battery that has been improved that makes the difference, making it the best experience in the industry.

The disposable allin-one atomizer/cartridge filters is an all-in-one atomizer unit, providing the user a smoking experience that is new and clean. With each nicotine cartridge you replace, you get a new atomizer too, eliminating the need for the days of maintenance you’ve had all this time.

South Beach Smoke Curve Kit

South Beach Smoke Curve KitThe Curve Starter Kit is an elegantly designed vaporizer starter kit that will satisfy your vaping experience as you look hot and impressive. Everything you could need to get started is in this one-stop shop vaporizer.

It has a simple setup that will deliver complete satisfaction and includes the Curve Battery, Curve Tank, a USB charger, and a wall charger. This starter kit is full of convenience, style, and technology.

SBS Air Starter Kit

SBS Air Starter KitNow you can forge into the next era with new vaping technology with the SBS Air®. This palm size device is advanced beyond its time and is the perfect personal vaporizer with a stunning design.

It has enhanced performance and power, giving you an option to use e-liquids that are 100% USA and not the prefilled cartridges.

A sleek, stylish and stunning look like all of the South Beach products, but most important, it is the same high quality level of the other South Beach Smoke products too.

South Beach Smoke E-Liquids
south beach smoke e-juice

For the vapers that wants the best, South Beach Smoke has it! Along with VaporFi, an industry leader, you have access to e-liquid that is some of the most advanced in the vaping community.

They are American-made with top ingredients and give you an amazing performance and superior vaping. When you choose to vape with South Beach, you get nothing less than high quality e-liquid.

We offer one of the widest ranges of e-liquid flavors you’ll find in the industry. Go with our Custom Blend for a flavor that is all you and mixed from the wide range of e-liquid flavors we have.

The Manager’s special is all time favorite with a combination of savory condensed milk with strawberry frosting topper with sugary glazed donuts. Or go with the Motherload of them all with the combined cinnamon, vanilla and tobacco.

An all-time favorite is Saturday Morning Cereal or the Straw-Bubbly Blue punch. These all come in 30ML and are packed with the power that you expect and want.

When you can’t decide which e-juice blend to get, go with a top selling one. We have many vaping connoisseurs that buy from us and you can’t go wrong when you choose one they buy time after time, right?

What flavor could be better for an All American made one like Apple Pie. And the variety of Tobacco flavors are endless and some of the best flavors we have.  The Cereal flavors are very popular too and so are the varieties of fruit flavors like Blueberry, Mango or the Melon Berry Razz.

Each of these come in a 30ml size, perfect amount to try more than one until you find the one you can’t do without.

For customers who appreciate choices, you’ll be glad to know that South Beach Smoke e-cigs offers 5 nicotine levels. They are:

0% -no nicotine,

0.6% or 6mg – Ultra Light,

1.2% or 12mg – Light,

1.6% or 16mg – Full,

2.4% or 24mg – Bold.

Money-back guarantee, shipping and warranty

The SBS products are so good, that they have no trouble offering a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your device, they will refund your money, for the lifetime of the product.

No other company in this industry offers that. Their customer service team is top-notch in customer satisfaction and goes above and beyond what is needed to make each and every customer a happy customer.

After your order of SBS products is processed, packed and labeled, you’ll get an email with the tracking number. Most orders are delivered within five to seven days from the day the order is placed.

International orders take from seven to thirty days. Depending on the country the order is being shipped, electronic cigarette orders have different restrictions which take longer to get processed.


The SBS products are one of the best in the industry. The product is well made with user-friendly features. There are people all around the globe using the products that this company offers with great pleasure and satisfaction.

The odor is minimal to none but the flavors are delicious with a powerful throat hit. The only big negative that any customers have had to offer is the pricing – they are on the high end, but after a few vapes, the customer have realized just how well worth the price the SBS are.


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