Complete V2 cigs Review

v2 cigs reviewV2 Cigs was founded in 2009 in Florida and were one of the original companies to develop e-cigarettes before the trend really took off.

The largest retailer of online vaping gear and e-cigarettes in the world, V2 Cigs sell a huge choice of e-liquids and e-cigs to suit all kinds of vapers, from high performance 3-in-1 V2 Pro Vaporizers to their EX series Mini e-cig range. Their e-juice is well known for its premium quality and high quality ingredients.

V2Cigs began in the United States but have expanded out into Australia and the EU, with distribution centers located in three places – Miami, Florida, the Czech Republic and the UK. They have websites for different countries in their home languages to make paying and shopping a simpler experience. Here, in this V2 Cigs review, you will find all of the information you need about the various V2 products on the market today.

Popular V2 Cigs Starter Kits

V2 Standard Kit

v2 standard kitThe V2 Classic Standard kit comes complete with V2’s extremely popular vape pen and a free 25ml bottle of their platinum e-juice in a flavor of the purchaser’s choice. The purchaser can also choose the nicotine strength that best suits their requirements. The kit comes supplied with a Classic standard battery, an EX Blank tank for e-liquid and a smart charger. There are five different battery colors to choose from, from stylish stainless steel finish to feminine pink, and the purchaser can choose from either a medium or long length battery and either a manual or automatic type, making it easy to customize the product to your own specifications. There are some excellent e-liquid flavors to pick from, including traditional menthol or tobacco, fruity flavours like cherry or grape or even more unusual ones like cola and coffee.

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V2 E-Liquid Kit – EX series

V2 E-Liquid Kit EX seriesThis kit brings high quality vaping at an affordable price. The pack comes complete with six flavor cartridges and each cartridge doubles the number of puffs than the Classic range can provide. The kit comes complete with an EX series battery, 6 sampler flavour packs and an express charger. There are five different battery designs to choose from, including plain black, stylish brushed steel, attractive scarlet or two patterned designs. The purchaser can even choose the strength of nicotine that they prefer, making this a great customizable choice.

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V2 Series 3 Pro Kit

v2 series 3 vape penThe V2 Series 3 Pro kit is innovative and high performing, offering incredible value together with an outstanding vaping experience. Available in a choice of three stylish colors – blue, black or stainless steel, the Pro 3 is a 3 in 1 device, suitable for e-liquids, wax and dry herbs. With its extra long battery life, it has all the capacity of a larger device but in a smaller, lightweight and portable package.

The kit comes complete with the V2 Pro Series 3 vape pen, a magnetic USB charging cable, no-leak magnetic cartridge, a wall adapter and a refillable e-liquid cartridge, which can be refilled up to 20 times. There are a number of items to complement this kit which can be purchased separately.

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V2 Series 7 Pro Kit

v2 pro series 7The ultimate 3 in 1 portable vaping device, the V2 Series 7 Pro is suitable for use with e-juice, dry herbs and wax. With all of the excellent features that the V2 Series 3 Pro has, it also has plenty of outstanding features of its own. This attractive device comes in a choice of 3 stylish finishes – black, blue or stainless steel, it also has smart technology which allows the device to automatically recognize the cartridge type being used and heat automatically to the right temperature.

The V2 Series 7 Pro has the added advantage of having temperature and voltage adjustment controls, a larger cartridge capacity as well as a longer battery life. The kit comes with a Series 7 Pro vape pen, a USB magnetic charging cable, a wall adapter, e-liquid cartridge, loose leaf cartridge and a brush and pick for maintenance. Easy to use, this device has a number of complementary components which can be ordered and purchased separately.

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V2 Standard Kit – EX series

v2 cigs ex series standardThe V2 EX Series Standard kit is available in a choice of five stylish designs and colors. From classic black, red or stainless steel to playing card or flower inspired designs, there is something for everyone here. The best thing about this kit is that the purchaser can choose 2 different batteries, so they can choose the two designs that best suit their needs – perhaps a patterned one for special occasions and a plain black for discreet vaping. The kit also comes complete with a fast Smart Charger which is rapid and will never overcharge the batteries. This kit also comes with 5 EX series flavour cartridges in a choice of excellent flavors and nicotine strengths as well as a wall adapter and a user manual. The EX series brings plenty of advantages over the Classic kit, with 50% more puffs, an e-liquid gauge and a leak proof construction.

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V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit

v2 cigs standard e-liquid kitWith 5 battery colors to choose from, it is easy to customize the V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit. With a bigger than ever selection of V2 flavors to pick from and a super-fast Smart Charger, users will find that this device charges more rapidly while avoiding overcharging. With no maintenance or cleaning required, it is easy to see why this affordable kit is one of V2’s most popular vaping devices. The kit comes complete with an automatic and a manual battery, 10 V2 flavour cartridges in a strength and flavour of the purchaser’s choice, a smart charger, wall adapter and user manual.

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V2 Power Cig
v2 power cig

There are two types of V2 Power Cig available, either the EX series or the Classic version. These e-cigarettes require no battery, and instead plug into a USB port, making them the ideal choice for vaping while using a PC or laptop, however they can also be used with any wall socket when used in conjunction with the wall adapter or in the car with the relevant adapter. The Classic Power device fires 5.1 volts for a strong and consistent vapor and is compatible with any V2 e-liquid flavor.

There are five different colors and finishes to choose from and users can select their own 5 flavor cartridges with the nicotine strength of their choice. The EX series power cig comes in a choice of only 2 colors – white or black, but has all of the advantages of the Classic power cig together with all of the quality and innovation of the EX series of products.

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So Does V2 Lives Up to The Hype?

V2 e-cigarettes are the number 1 e-cig brand for a reason. Both performance and quality and excellent and this manufacturer offers an impressive range of products. Their Series 3 and Series 7 vaping devices are especially impressive and are some of the top products on the market today, although the range is still lacking in high power mods.

What really sets V2 electronic cigarettes apart?

There are many things that make V2 a better brand than their competitors. One of the most notable things about this manufacturer is the broad spectrum of their American-designed products and their premium quality thanks to their rigorous testing procedures. Their products are also elegantly designed while remaining robust and hard-wearing.

Are V2 products worth the price?

Virtually every V2Cigs product is supremely affordable, even the 3 in 1 products which can be very expensive when purchased from other brands. Although some of their products do cost a little more, their very high quality justifies the price charged.

V2 E-Liquids

v2 cigs eliquidV2 Cigs have an impressive range of e-liquid flavors that are compatible with a range of devices. V2 have a range of clearomizers and blank cartridges which can be used with these e-liquids and that have the added advantage of being able to judge how much liquid is left. The V2 Platinum e-liquids are tested in a laboratory to ensure the highest quality as well as consistency of purity, taste and strength. Their ingredients are listed clearly and each bottle has an easy to use dropper and a child-proof cap. The V2 Platinum e-liquids are also cheaper per-puff than a standard pre-filled cartridge, making them better value for money. The e-liquids are available in either a 25ml or a 50ml bottle or in a starter sample pack of 6 10ml bottles.

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V2 Cigs definitely do not disappoint when it comes to flavor, with every cartomizer and bottle being thoroughly tested before shipping. V2’s cartomizers come in packs of 5 with each lasting up to 250 puffs. The empty cartridges can then be refilled with e-liquid. There are 12 flavors to choose from including traditional ones like tobacco and menthol and more exotic ones like cola or cherry. The taste and flavor is impressive from every single one and each produces excellent volume of vapor.

Nicotine Levels

Buyers can select from 5 different nicotine strengths from their cartridge including zero, light at 6mg, medium at 12mg, full at 18mg, and strong at 24mg. This makes it easy for those who are trying to reduce their intake of nicotine to slowly decrease the amount over time as well as providing options for those who like a heavy nicotine kick and for those who want no nicotine at all.

V2 Batteries

v2 battery comparsionEvery V2 Cig Standard kit comes with at least one, and sometimes two batteries, allowing the purchaser to choose the one that best suits their needs. They can choose either a long, standard or short battery and either an automatic or manual battery. There is also a choice of colors which varies depending on the product.

Some people have found that the long batteries have a longer life than the shorter versions, however the downside is the increased length which is not as attractive.The V2 Cig batteries charge rapidly and have a long cord to enable convenient charging wherever you are, including in the car or at home with a universal charger. Each battery takes around 2 hours to reach full charge depending on the battery’s age.

V2 EX Series

v2 ex series

V2 Cigs Accessories

This manufacturer offers a great choice of accessories that are compatible with their products. They offer a choice of metal, portable or soft cases for their e-cigarettes in a choice of sizes, with the XL version being able to carry longer batteries, extra chargers or other accessories.

Their soft cases are very portable and are ideal for storage in the office or home, while the metal case is great for protecting your equipment from bumps and drops. There are even charging cases which have an integrated charging, allowing for a battery to be charged while your e-cig is being carried around.

This is perfect for heavy smokers or those with a forgetful memory. There are also a variety of chargers available for purchase from V2 Cigs, such as the international wall adapter, a charger kit and a car adapter. V2 also have a Notebook Cig and a Power Cig which produce impressive vapor clouds without the added expense of a powerful battery as they are powered via USB.

v2 case

Manufacturing And Warranty

V2 ensure top quality manufacturing within the USA in Florida and California, with rigorous testing of all components. Their assembly plants meet stringent standards and all components fit together snugly, working perfectly with great attention to details.

There is a batch testing report available for customer viewing on all e-liquids, disposables and cartridges free of charge.All e-liquids are chemically tested, and simply by entering an email address and batch number enables a purchaser to gain access to a free PDF containing all of the details required. V2 Cigs also offer lifetime warranties, albeit with some limitations.

5 replacements are covered with consumables like e-liquids, disposables and cartridges being excluded from the warranty as well as any misuse or modifications of devices. There is no expiry date on this warranty, so long as the purchaser has made a purchase from the manufacturer within the previous 90 days.

Customer Service And Shipping

V2 Cigs offer free domestic shipping on their products, with a small extra charge payable for express delivery. It is also possible to ship products overseas for an added cost, or even for free for purchases over a certain value.

Orders can be placed online or by telephone and products are protected by an impressive 30 day money back guarantee should customers be dissatisfied for any reason with their purchase. The customer service department can be contacted either by telephone, letter, email or even via social media like Twitter and Facebook, making it simple to get any necessary assistance should there be a problem.

More About V2 Cigs

It is easy to see why V2 Cigs are generally considered to be among the top performing mini e-cigs on the market and why they have such a strong reputation. Thanks to their excellent quality and performance together with hassle-free vaping, V2 is a popular choice. They have a great selection of style and color options to choose from to suit every taste, although they may not be the most realistic cigarette look-a-likes on the market.

Vape 4 Free

V2 Cigs not only offer affordable prices, but they give their customers great reductions simply for signing up to their Vape 4 Free program which entitles members to loyalty rewards and discounts, helping them to save money simply by writing reviews, referring friends and buying products.


V2 Cigs have been developing and extending their product range over time and now they have impressive product lines with plenty of accessories. The personal charging case XL, while sleek and slim, is large enough to hold 3 cartridges and a battery is even able to charge a battery up to 8 times.The company even offer impressive loyalty promotions and because of their 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime warranty and free shipping, it is easy to see why customers keep coming back.

Their customer service team is very good, with contact options via telephone, letter, Twitter, Facebook and email, which makes it simple for dissatisfied customers to return their kit and get their money back, with no difficulties. V2 Cigs products deliver outstanding performance and are perfect for beginners, with a great choice of flavors to suit every taste.

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