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Older Vapor4Life models, the Classic Vapor Kings and Original do have flourishing excellent reputations as e-cig brands, but the new one, although it’s encountered some issues is still a great selection. The Vapor4life brand established their well-known reputation through Classic Vapor Kings and it’s Original, now its Vapor Titan is out to reap the rewards from being the new kid on the block! It offers a newer and greatly improved battery and an extensive 90 flavor selection to entice vapors worldwide. But, does it actually deliver? That’s the big question you’ve all tuned into this review to find out.

Vapor4life’s founder, Steve always packs a cheerful smile. His inspiration was built upon his own struggles to quit smoking unhealthy tobacco cigarettes and he tried through varying means. 2008 is when he first discovered e-cigarettes and was drawn to vaping for health and satisfaction. Having come across many shady products within the market, Steve decided to build his own brand through a family-owned company. The webpages boasts of a large variety of color selections, thick vapor, and a long battery life which makes reading about it actually promising in considering a try.

The brands “Base Kit” Vapor Titan includes two batteries, customer’s choice of manual or automatic. Customers also get the wall charger along with 5 cartomizers, and a carrying case to safely protect the contents of the kit. The Original and Classic Vapor Kings “Ultimate Starters Kits” also include two batteries, along with the wall charger, carry case, 5 cartomizers, a USB charger and USB-powered battery.


Design and Packaging

Similar to other popular e-cig brands, Vapor Titans starter kits design falls right in place with attractiveness and excellence. It features the same coat of arms branding, a logo with green, white, and blue tones. Very stylish indeed!


The box itself features a magnetic closure clasps that it uses to open, once inside the softer exterior of the carrying case is greatly noticeable. The wall charger underneath is packed thoroughly with a foam block, a bit unusual because e-cigs normally screw into their wall chargers opposed to that of USB adapters. Although the original brands share the same features in appearance, they do include USB chargers of sturdily construction in black.


The design overall is nice and professional minus a bit of weirdness. Battery exterior has soft rubber coating, extremely gentle feel. They’re also available in several styles providing users plenty of options for unique looks. There’s also a hint of flashiness with the plastic faux-diamond tip, lots of vapors can do what they do best in style. The e-cig is a two piece design like other brands, the battery and cartomizers attachments can be done with ease. Through use you may experience some sizzles, wheezing, and popping, but that’s fairly normal.


The company’s older models take on a more traditional feel without the flashiness of the tips. Their tips are black plastics that lights up on either activation or inhalation in an amber like tone. Users will still experience the pops and such, just in a more traditional style. While the Titan does have lots of advantages, the originals are perfect at getting their jobs done too. Users can also experience Stealth tips without the lighting up, and including XL type batteries.


Nicotine Levels


Having options is definitely a winner in this area. While many brands offer up to four levels of nicotine, Vapor4life offers 7. The choices range from none-nicotine to 4mg, the 8mg, skipping to 11mg and 18mg to 24mg, and all the way up to 36mg. It’s perfect for the heavier smokers and those looking for reductions gradually alike. We do know for a fact that the heavier smokers would give this area two thumbs up!


Vapor and Flavors

In this area, the Vapor Titan seems to sink. Some users do have complaints of not receiving enough vapor production even after they’ve puffed to trigger the atomizer. But, the complaints were from few users and the Vapor Titan does perform excellently with the manual batteries. This proves the fact that you really can’t knock an excellent product until after you’ve actually experienced it.

The Original and Classic Vapor Kings are highly suggestible if you’re weary of giving the Vapor Titan a try. The older models in fact, are right up there with leading brands including V2 Cigs and Green Smoke packing a punch in vapor, so Vapor Titan shouldn’t fall short of perfection. In going with either of the older models customers are guaranteed a throat hit through a thickened cloud of vapor. It also gets better with inclusion of the Dial-A-Volt battery, extremely large and overly powerful.

Although the starter kit flavor inclusion is limited, the selection is greater than you could imagine. They do include Cinna Blaze (cinnamon) and the tobacco options range from Peppermint to Menthol for all menthol lovers out there. Both offer wonderful vaping experiences, although the peppermint has a sweeter and lighter flavor. Cappuccino, and Mocha add to the variety of coffee options, and the Grape flavor delivers an edge all its own.


Wherever anything tries to bring Vapor4life down, the batteries longest life revives the brand. A full charge like other top brands has been proven to last an entire day, and the sink in vapor production will alert it’s users to batteries requiring re-charging. The wall adapter is quite awkward in appearance standing out within wall outlets at about 6 to 8 inches length.

The older kits do stand out in this area as well although Titans batteries last a lot longer, and the vapor dip isn’t much noticeable until it’s actually time to recharge. Their chargers have small wires meaning a resting period for your unit rather than it poking out from the USB port.

Warranty and Manufacturing

The CE mark and RoHS logo are clearly present on Vapor4life’s electronic cig brand. It greatly adds to the professional and quality standards or manufacturing. But some users still think the older models reign supreme in this category as well. There have been some issues with the Titans long lasting batteries, but as with other companies there’s bound to be a few.

The warranty is in effect for 90 days in case of such problems, but cartridge replacement isn’t included. The company also offers a 30 days money back guarantee which makes their new kid on the block “Titan” worth trying.

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