White Cloud E-Cig review

When you think of the name “White Clouds” it’s perfectly fitting for the white mist similarities user’s experience. Perhaps this highly rated brand could consider offering manual batteries and up the nicotine levels, but so far so good! This E-cig brand could have something that actually works wonders for vapors.

The role of electronic cigarettes is greatly demanding in an effort to get smokers to give up the tobacco cigarettes habit and avoid the harmful chemicals. In order to do so, any e-cig should offer the actual smoke experience through its vapor production in allowing users to get a sense of the nicotine they’re ultimately craving. White Cloud E-cigarettes are amongst the top leading brands in the industry. Their reputation has reached many heights, including media, and in-demand features within magazines like Forbes, on CNBC, and the Tampa Bay Business Journal. They have a large amount of loyal followers within this multi-million dollar industry. That’s why much emphasis is on whether they can actually deliver.

This company shares similarity to another E-cig company based in Florida, which was founded in 2008. Three of its co-founders started out as distributors, ultimately gaining a greater level of experience and reaching their goals of purchasing a China factory to produce their own brand. Their Chinese manufacturers are equipped with the highest levels of expertise in the industry, the facilities are also built upon quality, and every product including the batteries is extensively tested before shipment to customers. The brains behind “White Cloud” are always at work researching the next big it in development. Feedback from customers is greatly valued and serves as the inspiration to make improvements even in already remarkable areas. Starting with 31 retail stores carrying the brand, the number has tripled 10 times or more over throughout the years.

Let’s talk Kits! We’re sure potential customers would want to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into with purchasing. They offer a Cirrus Variety Starter Kit including 3 batteries, USB charger, 5 cartridges, and a wall adapter for $79.95, with numerous options that are affordable with the 1 battery selection. The next kit is the Cirrus 3 Kit, 3 targets the number of batteries you’ll receive at the rate of $69.95. It also includes the 3 e-cig “Squid” charger USB, with everything else the Variety Kit contains. Any of their starter kits are valuable, so it’s best to get additional information in choosing your fitting selection. The professionally designed website hosts numerous products, and testimonials, definitely worth checking out!

Design and Packaging

A small size cardboard box with a lid closure contains the Starter Kit. Customers simply pull upwards of the lid to remove the inside contents. There’s also a magnetic chest-similar system for opening the package, and when handled correctly the goods will slip out with ease. The deep navy blue, silver and crisp white color scheme works perfectly in the professional branding and attractive design efforts. Additional kits have a more cloudy themed appearance, and they’re colorful, yet still attractive as users purchase for the contents and not necessarily the packaging! 3 batteries are contained within the upper foam layer, with the rest of its contents securely underneath.

The batteries are also impressively designed with availability in brushed metal, plain white and with no faux type rings to be found. They are white and blue, and the tips are available in black, grey, or crystal coloring. Each present an orange fiery type color once inhaled, similar to that of actual tobacco cigarettes. The automatic batteries function perfectly fine, although many might still prefer the manually operated ones. As with cell-phone cases, White Cloud makes available a cool selection of skins for customer’s batteries. They’re available in several designs, and natural looking. The “Phantom Kit” is perfect for those mysteries users who love being different, it’s draped in all black and features matching perfected Stealth Draw cartridges.

Nicotine Levels

Moving on to the nicotine levels, surely all you vapors have been waiting for this! White Cloud wins the battle against the heaviest competitors in this area with its offering of 6 nicotine strengths. The selections include options for Nicotine Free, Double Extra (54mg), Extra (36mg), Ultra-Light (6mg), Full (24mg) and Light (16mg). It’s perfect for the heaviest of smokers, as both Green Smoke and V2 only offer 24mg in comparison. Now, the Double Extra strength could become a little dangerous, but if you can handle it, more power n puff to you!

Vapor and Flavors

Vapor production is highly rated for White Cloud e-cigarettes, and the batteries size does not determine this factor. Starting with introductory puffs each one that follows gets more enjoyable, customers actually get that throat hit they’re usually seeking. Customers can experience the ultimate real cigarette type of sensation. Be aware that the higher nicotine level you were warned about could be plenty powerful of an experience, but not likely for the heavier smokers. There have been no complaints in this area, and it’s similar to V2’s excellent quality vapor production. It’s StealthDraw cartridges cuts the output in half combined with ordinary batteries, but it removes with ease through holding of the vapor in longer.

The flavor selection consists of 16 options and 3 tobacco cartridges which are Apache, Regular and Bora Bora. The two menthol flavors are Snap and Menthol, there are four sensational fruit flavors including Strawberry, Peach Pit, Lime and Coconut, along with Bad Apple. The Spicy cartridges include a kick, consisting of the flavors Cinnamon, Chili-Pepper Diablo, Clove, and Honey Kick. Then there’s the savory sweet flavor of Chocolate and Vanilla, along with Moscow Mule and Espresso. Of the tobacco flavors, Apache is a clear winner in our book, and Snap provides that flavor of mint chocolate combo their vapor customers can’t seem to do without! In fact, the Kick delivers that perfectly blended cinnamon hit balanced equally by that soothing touch of honey and Moscow Mule also greatly delivers. The only apple of flavor which falls badly from the tree is the Bad Apple. Overall we’d say the flavor variety does work.


Now, we must let you all in on the battery breakdown. All 3 White Cloud batteries hit their impressive marks. The shortest of the 3, the Cirrus 3 delivers 200 puffs equal to 15 cigarettes, and Cirrus II delivers 280 puffs, the 3X delivers 600. As usual these are only considered estimates depending on use and charging. The battery is dependable for the pen-sized e-cigarette, and surely that’s what matters most for vapors on the go.

In case you should require charging while on the go, charging is quick and fully complete in up to 3 hours or less. The “Squid” charger also offers 3 extending wires from its main point, meaning customers can charge every battery simultaneously. The other battery “ChargeBolt” included with additional kits performs well, but the Squid has the highest rating here.

Warranty and manufacturing

The manufacturing of White Clouds e-cig received an excellent rating, in fact, receiving a grade of approval stamping on the exact kit through the CE and RoHS compliant agencies. There were a few problems with the 3X battery that’s an easy fix, but no complaints for anything else. It’s also experienced the incidental water and beer testing quickly returning back to useable status upon drying out.

The batteries have all been perfectly engineered to withstand damage through cells overcharging, plus the ChargeBolt can revive even the e-cigs batteries which have experienced major dead state drops of below 2.7 V. It’s ClearDraw and SmoothDraw cartridges are designed for protection against heat damage and to protect the coil from incidents of liquid flooding. It all pulls together to offer users a safe and satisfying vapor experience.

White Cloud in keeping with the excellent customer service reputations other brands are known for, offers its 6 month warranty that’s extendable to an additional two years at the rate of $29.95. The cartridges aren’t covered by this warranty, but coverage of defects in the disposable components makes up for any inconveniences. The warranty isn’t the best in the e-cig market, but it does not affect the quality of its products and rare cases of malfunctioning.